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    • Communication advantages

      Understand the industry situation, and the tax bureau, the trade and Industry Bureau and other government agencies to ensure that the interests of customers!

    • Credit recognition

      2014 by the tax bureau: Shenzhen City, the financial agent industry a class a credit rating, the recognition of thousands of agents!

    • Professional focus

      3 registered accountants, 2 certified tax audit for your company, ten years experience in agency!

    • Nearest service

      Nearby services, service personnel in Shenzhen, the main business area, fast for you!

    • High quality low price

      Low prices, to ensure the quality of service! To reject "ultra low price, ultra poor service"

    • Super large scale

      Service customers more than 10000, Hongkong, Shenzhen have companies and branch offices, system management, standardized security!

    About Us

    Shenzhen city far state financial agent Co., Ltd. the company was established in 2008 is a Shenzhen Municipal Finance Bureau approved, Shenzhen municipal market supervision and Management Bureau of registration, Shenzhen city market supervision and Management Bureau issued the "corporate business license," according to the independent contractor of business, tax consulting, agency bookkeeping and other business social intermediary services.

    Partner: 远邦财务 远邦财务代理公司

    深圳市龙华新区大浪街道鹊山路口云峰路太阳能硅谷大厦 9 楼(龙华派出所对面) 电话 :0755-22233384

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